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Anestis Metals

Scrap Metal Recycling Service & Dumpster Rentals

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About Anestis Metals

Anestis Metals is recognized as a New England industry leader in ferrous and non ferrous metal recycling. We work with a wide variety of individuals and corporations on scrap metal recycling services. Besides providing unparalleled customer service, one of our main goals as a business is to always recycle our metals and play a part in protecting the environment. The need to mine new metals can be incredibly hazardous for its health. The operation tends to produce a lot of air, soil, and water pollutants that can be dangerous. It can also cause disturbances to the natural landscape, which can greatly affect public safety! When you work with Anestis Metals, you’re minimizing that strain on the environment. 100% of the metal taken in by Anestis is recycled and either exported or given to foundries, mills and other facilities in the Northeast where it is melted down and made into steel products.

Anestis Metals Territories

Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup Service Areas

Anestis Metals is based outside of Boston, in Lawrence Mass, but we are proud to provide our full range of commercial scrap metal pickup for the greater part of New England which includes:

Rhode Island
New Hampshire

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals For Scrap Metal

Anestis Metals

Anestis Metals is proud to provide, businesses, and contractors in Massachusetts with roll off dumpsters for any and all of their unwanted scrap metal. Our dumpsters are available year-round and require a 2-ton minimum weight. Renting a dumpster solely for scrap can be beneficial for any construction or remodeling project as it allows you to collect scrap that can be turned in for quick cash, which can free up cash for new materials and supplies! 

Scrap Metal Recycling

Below is a comprehensive list of Metals that we accept:

Ferrous Metals:

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