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Why is Galvanized Metal More Valuable?


Why is Galvanized Metal More Valuable?
Picture this scenario in your mind: you’ve recently acquired a good deal of sheet metal that would be perfect for selling on the scrap metal market. A friend of yours has acquired a similar set of sheet metal, so you decide to go into the yard together to cash your metal in. Upon checking out, you’ve realized that your partner got more cash from his haul than you did despite your metals being similar. So, why did you get less money? As it turns out, your partner’s scrap metal was galvanized! Galvanized metal tends to be worth more on the scrap metal market, but why is that? We break it down for you below!

Extended Durability:
Part of the process of determining the price of your scrap metal has to do with how long it’s going to last out in the field. It should go without saying that metals with more durability have greater uses in a variety of industries, which make them more valuable on the scrap metal market. When it comes to galvanized metal, this statement is even truer, as galvanized metal can last for far longer than most pure metals. This durability makes it useful in the field even if it’s considered to be a “used” metal, which drives up the payout in scrap metal markets.

Greater Resistance To Corrosion/Rust:
Do you know what the primary purpose for galvanizing metal is? If you read the headline, you already know the answer: it gives the metal greater corrosion resistance, meaning that it takes far longer for the metal to wear out. Corrosion resistance is one of the most sought after traits in scrap metal, as there are plenty of applications where it is a high priority. High priority applications lead to high demands for the right metals for the job, giving galvanized metal a higher importance to scrap metal buyers.

The Metal Is Immediately Ready To Use:
When a company receives a piece of scrap metal, it will likely have to undergo a series of tests before it’s ready for use in a practical application. This helps to ensure that the metal is ready for use and doesn’t pose any risks once it’s out in the field. With galvanized metal, these tests don’t need to be run! A galvanized piece of metal is immediately ready for use in the field. Depending on the condition you bring your galvanized metal in, this can be incredibly useful for getting a big return! The less work that needs to be done to get it ready, the more likely it is that you’ll get more cash for it.

Scrap Metal Recycling With Anestis Metals:
Anestis Metals doesn’t just take the scrap metal off of your hands: we recycle it too! Recycling scrap metal is important for the environment as it reduces the need for mining new ores, which can have serious negative effects on the environment around them. If you have scrap metal you want to turn into cash, bring it to Lawrence today to get a good return and help the environment at the same time!